Learning objectives

By the end of this course delegates will be able to:
  • Define the nature and purpose of VCTs

  • Define the main risk categories associated with VCTs

  • Summarise the tax reliefs available through VCTs

  • Identify the most common types of VCTs

  • Outline the main assessment criteria you would use to assess a VCT

  • Outline the main rules governing VCTs

  • Summarise the main rules governing companies qualifying for Venture Capital Trusts

“The AIC supports Intelligent Partnership’s initiative to improve levels of understanding and knowledge of venture capital trusts (VCTs), and welcomes the launch of this online course”

Nick Britton, Head of Training, The AIC

“This was a really useful course to help enhance understanding of the VCT market, underlying companies, structure, rules etc. Would suit all comers from those new to VCTs to those looking to brush up / refresh their knowledge.”

Lorraine Ames, Head of Technical at Smith & Pinching

“Well constructed modules and a good way to improve overall knowledge, test that knowledge and earn valuable CPD.”

Trevor Jacklin, Compliance Officer, Finance Shop

“Excellent content and very engaging.”

Michael Lloyd, Regulatory Quality Assurance Supervisor, The Private Office

“Helpful, good and worth doing. ”

Tim Creasey, Financial Planning Consultant and Wealth Manager, Keystone Wealth Management